Spearheading a refreshing experience in insurance through Takaful, Amãna Takaful recently entered into a strategic partnership with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in India...
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Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC announces interim dividends. Sounds concern on Full Year results.
Amãna Takaful announces an interim dividend based on its performance for the first half of the operating year 20I5.
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Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC Hosts fourth Annual General Meeting - 10th May 2015
Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC has just concluded its Fourth Annual General Meeting on 10th May 2015 and announced a dividend payout to its shareholders.
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Amãna Takaful continues to reward its non-claimant participants - 07th May 2015
With a history of reaching 12 year operation in Maldives which graduated to a fully-fledged lnsurance company licensed by the Maldives Monetary Authority, Amana Takaful Maldives continues its 'winning streak' with yet another year of resounding success.
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Workshop for the Islamic theologians “Takaful-an in-depth approach” - 02nd May 2015
Amãna Takaful embarked on yet another initiative of sharing knowledge on Islamic Finance. Further to the workshop organized for the religious scholars in the year 2013 on “Responsibilities of Ulama’ in Islamic Finance & Introduction to Takaful”,
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Sponsorship for Sri Lankan Independence Day Celebrations at Maldives - 04th February 2015
Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC sponsored the function held to celebrate the independence day celebrations organized by the Sri Lankan High commission at Republic of Maldives.
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Sponsorship for Global Money Week – 12th March 2015
Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC participated in the global money week which was organized by Maldives Monetary Authority. The aim of this initiative was to create awareness on saving as well as on financial supports offered in Maldives. Furthermore Amana Takaful (Maldives) PLC was the official takaful Partner of this initiative.
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Participation in the World down Syndrome Day – 22nd March 2015
Beautiful Eyes Maldives and association working towards the betterment of the down syndrome children in Maldives extended their invitation to Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC to participate in the world down syndrome day celebration this year.
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Sponsorship for National Library– 23rd March 2015
Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC sponsored the National Library’s event held to participate the World Book Day. To mark this day, National Library has organized a children’s fiction writing competition for their staff.
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Blood Donation Camp 2015 – 11th April 2015
Staff of Amãna Takaful (Maldives) PLC participated in the blood donation which was held on 11th April 2015. This event was organized with the support of Maldives Blood Services and Thalassemia Center.
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